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How to Compute Intraclass Correlation Using Excel
by Kilem L. Gwet. Ph.D.

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Welcome to the website of the e-book "How to Compute Intraclass Correlation Using Excel: A Practical Guide to Inter-Rater Reliability Assessment for Quantitative Data." On this site, you will have the opportunity to review the e-book excerpts before deciding to purchase. Some chapters may be downloaded in their entirety, while others can be reviewed based large extracts posted on the Excerpt Webpage. Click on the book image to visit the "Excerpt Webpage." Take time to surf around, and see what this e-book has to offer. You may even send an email to Dr Gwet (the author) if you need additional information about its content.

intraclass correlation coefficient with Excel

I wrote this to offer researchers and students, practical guidelines for computing various Intraclass Correlation Coefficients (ICC) using Microsoft Excel. I wanted these guidelines to be clear and sufficiently detailed for anybody with access to MS Excel to be able to organize research data, choose the correct ICC statistic, and perform the calculations with confidence.

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A statistical consultant, researcher and instructor. He has over 15 years of experience in various industries in the US and Canada. He possesses a doctorate degree in statistics from Carleton University - Canada -

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